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Futamura’s NatureFlex™ films on the plastic free aisle with Bio4Pack and De Halm

Futamura has partnered with sustainable packaging manufacturer, Bio4Pack, to create a compostable pack for Dutch organic cereal producer, De Halm, using NatureFlex™ and Tipa film. The product features on the recently celebrated Ekoplaza plastic free aisle, along with a number of other solutions from Bio4Pack using NatureFlex films. Read more.



Award winning plastic-free and compostable crisp pack using NatureFlex™ and PLA - Futamura has collaborated with packaging manufacturer, Bio4Pack, to create a plastic-free compostable crisp pack for German organic crisps producer, myCHIPSBOX.

Read more: English

Read more: German





VIVANI Chocolate will be showcasing a new range of packaging using NatureFlex™ in a new artistic design at this year's world leading trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany (BioFach exhibitor Stand 7-122). VIVANI Schokolade präsentiert sich in neuem künstlerischem Design auf der diesjährigen Weltleitmesse BioFach in Nürnberg (BioFach Direktaussteller auf Stand 7-122) Please click here or the full press release in German





TeeGschwendner has launched its new series of “Naturverliebt” Teas and has choosen to use NatureFlex™ films for its Bag in Box application.

The natural qualities of NatureFlex films, combined with its excellent aroma barrier properties, make NatureFlex an ideal fit with the sustainable message of this delicious product. For more  info on TeeGschwendner click here.



Italian flexible packaging converter, Corapack, has used Futamura’s renewable and compostable NatureFlex™ cellulose films for compostable lidding for trays.  The lidding material is a proven compostable structure that is an ideal alternative to conventional plastics that often end up in landfill. To read more click for English or Italian versions







Cermount produces tri-layer stand up pouch using renewable cellulose and sugar cane. Atlanta, GA - Futamura has announced that Brevard, NC-based Cermount is using NatureFlex™ packaging film as part of a renewable stand-up pouch. ermount produces tri-layer stand up pouch using renewable cellulose and sugar cane. Read more.








Exciting Times as Futamura features in Raconteurs Future of Packaging Special report for The Times newspaper! Read the report here. Visit the online article from Andy Sweetman here.


Futamura's customer celebrates being first compostable tea bag supplier in Germany

In the fight against packaging waste, Esin Rager has just taken a big step with her company. The mother of two has sold biotees with her label samova since 2002 - both loose and in individual bags. Up to now, the bags and packaging included plastic or residual waste. The new variant, we can throw with an easy conscience into the brown bin. A milestone on the way to a better world. Read more. (German)


Futamura announces significant sales growth in its first year

Futamura, the global leader in renewable and compostable cellulose films for the flexible packaging industry, announces they have seen significant sales growth and record levels of operational efficiency in their first year, as they celebrate one year since the acquisition of the Innovia films’ cellulose business. Read more


Compostable Gone4Good™ packaging makes its debut in the form of Alter Eco's Heirloom Quinoa pouches

Futamura is proud to announce that San Francisco-based Alter Eco is using NatureFlex™ packaging film as part of the compostable pouch used for their organic and fair trade quinoas.The pouch meets ASTM D6400 standards for industrial composting, and is made in large part from bio-based materials. Read more.


Elbe-Obst strives for sustainability – Wrapping its organic apples in NatureFlexTM films eliminating the need for trays

Elbe – Obst is well known for its high quality produce sourced from the “Alte Land” region west of Hamburg and is especially renowned for its soft and stone fruits. Together with Obsthof zum Felde, they have recently introduced a breakthrough new way of packaging organic apples using flow wrap machines, from British machine manufacturer Redpack. Read more.


Mimi’s Garden uses NatureFlex™ Film for its New Range of Vegan Energy Confectionery

A German confectionery company, Mimi’s Garden, has launched a new range of organic energy treats made from sun-ripened dates and uses Futamura’s renewable and compostable NatureFlex™ film in its packaging. Read more (English). Read more (German).


Compostable and edible packaging: An interview with The Guardian 

Andy Sweetman, Marketing Manager at Futamura, was interviewed by The Guardian about NatureFlex™ Films and sustainability in packaging. Read more.


NatureFlex™ Wrapped German Vegan Chocolate Wins “Sweetie 2016” Award

German fine chocolate producer iChoc, has been awarded the “Sweetie 2016” award that recognises the best confectionery of 2016, by a leading German grocery magazine, Rundschau für den Lebensmittelhandel, for their latest range of Vegan Chocolate that is wrapped in Futamura’s NatureFlex™ films. Read more (English). Read More (German).


German Packaging Award Winner - Biobrush

Germany - Sept, 2016 - Futamura's NatureFlexis a key component of a Biobrush overwrap that has received a German Packaging Award for sustainabiliy. Read more (English). Read More (German).

Futamura Announces Completion of Innovia Films Cellulose Business Acquisition

UK – July 1, 2016 – Futamura, a privately-owned Japanese manufacturer of cellulose and polymeric films for the packaging market, has today announced that it has completed its acquisition of the Innovia Films cellulose business. Read more

Futamura hosts official opening ceremony with a traditional Japanese Kagami Biraki

UK – July 28, 2016 – Futamura, a privately-owned Japanese manufacturer of cellulose and polymeric films for the packaging market, held its official opening ceremony at its Wigton site in Cumbria on Monday 25th July. Read more



BBIA Webinar - June 26th 2018

We invite you to join the forthcoming BBIA webinar and hear from our EMEA Sales & Marketing Manager and BBIA Chairman, Andy Sweetman, alongside other biomaterial industry experts. Please click here for the full programme, or on the banner below to go to directly to registration.

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